Training Services


Puppy ABCs

Congratulations, you have a new puppy! What he learns between 8 weeks and 6 months of age will shape the adult dog he will become. We will help you cover all the basics, from the importance of early socialization, puppy potting training to bite inhibition, confidence building, foundation basic obedience and problem prevention.  

Pet Manners

On-leash basic obedience, critical for everyday life skills; covering the sit, down, stand, wait, loose leash walking, and the recall.  

Advanced Obedience

Off-leash. Incorporates and reinforces Pet Manners skills, while focusing on distraction training, increasing duration and proofing.    

Behavior Modification

Some dogs need specialized training along with their owners to overcome more serious issues such as aggression, resource guarding, reactivity, separation anxiety and handling issues.

Remedial Training

Dogs, like people, are not “perfect” and sometimes are in need of remedial training.  Changes in the dog’s environment, social structure, or lack of proofing can cause a dog to regress in certain training areas.  Most of the time owners do not understand why this has happened, and need professional help.   

Community Awareness Seminars

Presented free of charge for schools, 4-H, civic groups, religious organizations, professional organizations, and for in-home private presentations.